Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Welcome to a blog to share materials for an adapeted curriculum classroom!

The goal of this blog is to provide an opportunity to share some of the different ways that we adapt materials for students with disabilities.  I am a teacher in a highly structured classroom that is designed for children with autism.  My class of 3rd-5th grade students is in a typical elementary school.  We also have a class with students in Kindergarten-2nd grade and Pre-K.  Through this blog, we hope to be able to share how we use various strategies to help our special students learn.

We are lucky enough to work for a county that has purchased a subscription to the Unique Learning System curriculum. We will share some ways we adapt and expand on this curriculum.  We will also share different tasks, jobs, and various teaching strategies that have worked well with the students within our classrooms.

As a disclaimer, we are sharing ideas and options for others to use with their children/students with special needs.  Any ideas/blogs/websites that we share are just ideas and are just to be considered as resources that can be an option for special children.
I am excited to begin the journey of blogging and sharing strategies with others that work with special children like my students!

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