Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fun Friday- February

This month, we decided that we would do the same basic activities for several weeks.  That way the kids can learn to be more independent with each activity.  We will create a new art project and we are still deciding on the recipe.

We also still use a basic schedule for each group of students.  We got smart and made generic labels for each center (game, art, BINGO, kitchen).  This way we can use the same schedule for various themed activities.

This game is a good game to build into math.  The players spin a spinner (or you could use a dice) and you get that many cubes for your board.  It was interesting to see how challenging the task of adding 4 more to a board was for many of the students.  Several of mine just wanted to put blocks on the the square that matched the number of the one on the spinner.  They learned pretty quickly to get the amount of blocks on the spinner and add them to their board.

The visual rules of the game are below.

This is a spinner that we had in our manipulative kit.  We just added stickers to this spinner for now.  Most of the students required hand over hand instruction of the spinner for several turns.  I would gesture to the spin visual cue and then hand over hand them spinning.  Then I would try to fade the prompt by cueing with the spin visual and taping the spinner.

This is the game board that we made.

Here is this themed BINGO game.  We have the basic board to use typical BINGO chips with as well as the one that has pictures to match to the board.

Here is a recipe that we made up for a Valentine's Day slushie.  With several different special diets in our classes, cooking is always a challenge.  This is a recipe that everyone can eat and all of the kids enjoyed.  We used my Magic Bullet blender so the kids could easily put in the ingredients and each child could have an opportunity to help blend safely.

Here is a communication board that our speech therapist made to go with our cooking activity.

Here are the directions for the Valentine art activity we made this week. 

Here are the materials needed for the activity (except the crayons and glue sticks).  We try to keep some materials so the kids have to use the communication boards to ask for them.  Our speech therapist will work this station to work on each child's speech goals.

The students also incorporate in the communication board below to talk about what family members they love.

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