Friday, February 1, 2013

Fun Friday- Spring

Spring Fun Friday Activities

This is a craft activity to make a caterpillar.

Here is a communication board to assist the students in the project.

The final product

Another art project that included science standards.

Finished product

We created a Flower Game for this week.

The child spins a spinner and sees what color it lands on.  He/she then either gets to keep the color if it corresponds to their flower, or they have to give it to their friend.  We encourage as much language as possible to increase the interactions with peers.

Because a large number of our students have special dietary needs and allergies, cooking is challenging.  One thing all the kids like and can eat is fruit!

We used plastic knives and had the kids help cut some fruit for the salad.  Then they each got to eat a portion of it.

After eating the fruit, they each got to tell their favorite and they graphed it.


  1. I love the flower game!!! Totally doing this my my kiddos soon!

  2. Do you offer these communication boards for purchase. I would love to have them!!