Friday, February 1, 2013

Vocational Centers

I build vocational centers in my class to combine academic skills like following written directions and independent skills that will help my students in the future. This quarter I have a post office center and a grocery store.

The Post Office

This activity is weighing items on a scale.  The child gets a package from the left basket, puts it on the scale, reads the scale and then selects the correct weight from the container of pieces in the middle.  They put the amount on the package and then puts it in the finished basket on the right.  (What I learned this year is that all the packages need to be the same size, because my students had memorized different shaped packages and never weighed them) This year I used old CD cases filled with a variety of items to change the weight, and then covered them with the same colored paper.

This is a mail delivery task.  The sections are labeled with the people in the classroom.  The containers to the left are labeled for specific children.  Children that can read get envelopes with names and addresses on them to put in the mail slots.  Children that cannot read as well get envelopes with pictures and a name on them to deliver.  They all know which container to choose and are independent with this skill.

This is a beginning envelope stuffing task.  The student gets an envelope on the left and an index card in the middle.  He/she puts the card in the envelope and then puts it in the finished container.

The Grocery Store

This activity is a coupon match.  The child gets the coupon from the container on the top right and matches to the item on the coupon.

This activity is to pack groceries by a list.

The student gets a bag and a list and then puts in the correct groceries.

Once packaged, there is a place on the right to put the completed bags (not pictured).


  1. Love, Love, Love these! Cannot wait to go get materials to make these for my class! THANKS.

  2. Love your ideas! Last year my class was in charge of a school wide mail system. If you want to check it out, visit my blog and go to the "labels" on the right side, go down a bit, and click mail system. We didn't weigh stuff - that's a great idea! At my school, it was a great down time activity for students in the regular ed classroom and a great social skill activity for my kiddos.

    We are ALL Special!

  3. This is great!!!!

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  4. I love your ideas!! For your grocery store section, do you use empty containers/boxes? Thank you!!