Friday, February 1, 2013

Winter Fun Friday

Winter Fun Friday

We did a science experiment to see if salt or sugar would melt ice faster... And had interesting results.  Each child made a prediction and then saw if the prediction was correct or not as a result. 

We made a snowflake art project.  We drew a chalk lined snowflake on black paper.  The children used cue tips to dot the chalk lines and then, with teacher assistance, sprinkled glitter on the paint to add some sparkle.  

We had winter bingo with 2 levels. One level is picture matching (right) where the child is handed a picture and they velcro it onto the matching picture.  With the other level, the kids use a chip and cover the picture. We have kiddos that do much better with the words on the pictures, so we try to include them in bingo when we can.

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  1. These are ideas are amazing!! Your blog is inspiring me! I am an SLP who has 16 years of experience with gen ed kids. This is my first year in a secondary severe and profound classroom with kids who have low verbal skills to no verbal skills. Do you sell the boards you have made on TPT? I am wondering if they are available to print or purchase. I love all the boards with the boardmaker pictures. Please let me know if they are available. Thank you for this awesome blog!!